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Chemical Research and Development

We have a team of well-experienced and dedicated scientists who are constantly striving to get new products in the pipeline, and also reduce costs of existing products to make us stay competitive in the market.
We have 2 full-fledged R&D centers at both our units, focusing both on process development, and new product development.
We have a total of 20 scientists working at both our labs. We provide limited R&D services, mainly to support our regular customers in a mutually beneficial scenario.

Research & Development include

   Optimization of very basic processes

   Scale up of products from grams to kilograms

   Synthesis of impurities

Because new ideas give birth to new possibilities

Over the past few decades, Research and Development of path-breaking products has been a key focus at Ipca. We see tremendous value in our growing R&D investments, and our focused teams at Mumbai and Baroda, are well supported by state of the art equipments and high-end analytical instruments making them self-reliant on in-house product development from simple to complex small molecule drugs as well as biologics. All of our R&D centres are also recognised by the Department of Science and Industrial Research, Government of India, and are supported by facilities required to scale up the processes from grams to kilo as well as to Pilot-Plant level. They have the capabilities to deliver quality solutions within strict timelines, at low costs.
Our product development teams work closely with our marketing teams to produce inventive concepts and ideas, tapping both market needs and synergies across therapeutic domains. To that end, the major activities and expertise of this division includes:

Chemical Research

  • New and alternative cost-effective process routes
  • Non-infringing processes
  • Increasing plant friendliness
  • Green chemistry
  • Novel polymorphs / derivatives
  • Productivity enhancement through continuous batch
  • Flow-through continuous process chemistry
  • Process engineering
  • Impurity and standards synthesis

Analytical Research

  • Method development
  • Method validation
  • Impurity profiling of APIs
  • Regulatory compliance meeting global standards

New Drug Discovery and Development

  • Discovering New Chemical Entities (NCEs)
  • Drug repurposing and improvements
  • Collaborating with international research organisations
  • Current pipeline includes pain-management, anti-platelets and antimalarials
  • Few of the NCEs are advanced to clinical & preclinical development phases
  • One of the novel molecules (AT-10) has shown very promising anti-platelet activity and is currently in clinical Phase-I trial in USA and India
  • Another molecule (Atoguanil) is under clinical development in collaboration with MMV for seasonal malaria chemo-prevention

Intellectual Property Management

  • Supported by qualified and expert IPR personnel
  • Freedom to operate analysis for the in-house APIs
  • Non-infringement alternatives

Synthesizing Products

We Also Aim At Building Patent Portfolio By Developing Innovative Routes For Synthesizing Products.